Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Back to Work in Mid-January 2010

Horrible news from Haiti.  One of the most miserable places on Earth has been struck with an earthquake right near its capital city.  I have been following the news on the Internet about it.  I notice that it has already become politicized with regards to what Obama is doing and what Bush had done in previous such natural disasters. I have read comments about it proving the non-existence of God.  

I can only pray that the rescue is done right.

Temporary Separation
The K family took the bus downtown yesterday afternoon.  Holding Tony I was able to get a seat at the front of the bus.  A pair of old ladies sat across from us.  They of course looked at Tony with curiosity.  After about ten minutes, a young woman grabbed one of the older  ladies by the arm.  I took it that the young woman was a relative who was accompanying the old woman for the day.  The young woman was indicating to the older woman it was time to get off the bus.  The old woman decided to go out the front door; the younger woman went out the back.  The older woman quickly got off the bus after which the driver closed the door.  The old woman then started knocking on the door.  Her younger companion had not gotten off the bus, having had a hard time getting through the crowded bus to the back door.  The bus started off as people yelled "Xia Che!" at the driver.  Eventually after 50 meters, the bus stopped and the younger woman got off.

The problem of drivers leaving before people have had a chance to get off the bus is constant -- I have seen numerous shouting matches about it.

The incident also shows the panic that can overtake one whenever one finds oneself unexpectedly separated from relations.  I have experienced temporary panics when not knowing where Tony was.

Putting things in other things, and moving things about
That is how Tony occupies his time these days.  Yesterday afternoon, he took all the clothes I had lain on the bed and put them into a hamper.  He also returned a plaything to its proper spot.

Sometimes, as my wife says, Tony can be good.

Tony at Baoli
Tony and I rode the escalators and elevators at Baoli.  There are elevators, there, that have windows and so give one a view of its large open courtyard.  Tony loves to ride these elevators.  Yesterday, we took about five trips up and down on them as the wife went through the checkout at Carrefour.

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