Friday, December 31, 2010

Initial AKIC Thinkings for 2011

  • There must be a local Chinese dialect that says Happy New Year in the following manner: Shin Ninny Cole Slaw!
  • Perhaps instead of appearing on her reality TV show shooting animals, Sarah Palin should sit in the pews of a certain church and listen to the sermons of one Reverend Jeremiah Wright. I am sure the left would forgive her for listening to the ramblings of a racist and anti-Semite, they may even take a liking to her. It has been done before.
  • With the coming economic apocalypse in 2011, I suggest that you always have a bungie strap tied to your ankles. Because if you are going to go off the cliff, you do want to be able to bounce back.
  • I still feel surges of anger when I get starred at by the locals. I sometimes fantasize about grabbing some of these gawkers and twats by the ear, and then twisting their ears to give them a lesson they will never forget. Like most of my fantasies, though, this wiill never come to pass.
  • There is something to be said for obsessing about the little things. We don't have control over the big things.
  • I hope Sarah Palin can become president of the United States. She is the right person for the times we are living in. Unfortunately, it won't happen. I am afraid Obama will be re-elected. Like death though, one must fight against the inevitable.
  • I believe that the Ressurection happened, and the Catholic Church is right in its teachings.
  • The Truth will out. The Truth shall set you free.

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