Sunday, December 5, 2010

December 6 Notes

  • It is cold in Wuxi.  It looks like winter has arrived.
  • Mmm!  Ham and Cheese sandwich!  I was watching an episode of Breaking Bad watching the teacher-turned-drug-dealer make a cheese and meat sandwich for a man imprisoned in a basement, and I was so hungry for such a seemingly simple thing which is not so easily obtained in many, many parts of China.
  • I am winning my week 13 fantasy NFL football matchup.  If the lead holds after the completion of the Monday Night game, the Wuxi Red Guards will have a 7-6 record, good for second place in the Central Committee Division.
  • Now, I am eating beans. 
  • I bought a matchbox car for my son Tony.  It is a blue '68 Mercury Cougar.  It turns out Tony already has a silver '68 Mercury Cougar.  Oh well!  The more the better.
  • This is now my #1 video on Youku.  This is my latest youku video which I believe deserves to be #1 in all of China and the world.
  • Another sign of my ageing:  my knee seems gummy when I ascend stairs.  If the sensation grows, I will have to use a cane.
  • Jenny is going to visit her friend Ling Ling who just had a baby.
  • A student's English name:  Jellicoe.
  • Some Wuxi people like Sichuan food, which is spicy, and hate the local cuisine, which is sweet.

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