Monday, December 27, 2010

December 27 Blogaminations

Of course, some of the drinkers were hungover when they came to teach after Christmas.

Tony? Tony!  Tony?
Visit here to find out how my son is doing.

The Most Beautiful Word in the English Language?
I asked the students this, and they told me that "money" is.

What was it like to live in the Industrial Revolution?
Pour a can of 10W30 motor oil on your elbows, knees, and feet -- that's what it was like to live in the Industrial Revolution.

I get to play Scrooge for a Chinese New Year Dinner.
Scrooge, one would know if one actually read the Christmas Carol by Dickens, would have been a progressive, had he lived today.  For one thing, he cited the welfare programs currently in place as reasons to not give to charity -- a practice that Progressives follow in deed, though they would be loathe to admit it.  Furthermore, Scrooge meanness was a result of an emotional trauma he had suffered in his young adult days.  So he had a meanness that would have been celebrated if it had been of a Black, a Palestinian, or a welfare case nursing a grudge against white, rich society.

Anyway.  Why do I get to play Scrooge?  I have a reputation for not spending money.  I have earned it, but now that I have a family, I have no money to spend.  And I don't have the time.  Giving up my life to my wife and child, is more than the people who say I don't spend money are willing to do.  It is all fine talk these childless people spout. 

Also, I suppose it could also be because of my conservative political beliefs that I have been given the honor.

Embarrassed and Ashamed, but not traumatized.
I have this to say when I look at my past.  What I mean is:  I have no excuses for the bad and selfish things I did.  I did them and I need to repent.  There is a trauma-like sting in finding out one did wrongly, you could say; but that shouldn't be an excuse to find an excuse.  I should have some gratitude that my mistakes were never monstrous.

Gummy Left Knee
I have a gummy left knee.  It feels like it will buckle when I climb the stairs, and so I limp.

Prove there is no God!
Can Atheists prove there is no God?  Of course not.  But they try to switch the burden of proof by saying that Theists need to prove the existence of God.  We can certainly reason that there is a God, but there is a reason that the Theists call their belief faith.  Atheists need to realize they have a faith too.

Where's the poetry and magic?
Christianity can be a lovely thing to believe in.  Can the same be said for Atheism?

I know so and so!
A student has told me that he has seen drivers tell a police officers that they don't care about getting a traffic ticket because they have a friend who can cancel it for them.

I forgot to mention!
For my birthday, I bought myself a copy of Mark Twain's Autobiography at the Xinhua Book Store -- it was the only book worth buying in the place.

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