Friday, February 19, 2010

Tony makes history. Andis goes back to work.

Guess who can pee standing up?
You probably have figured it out, but if you, are from the province of Ontario, are a Wuxi sexpat, have leftward leanings politically, like to read science fiction, like the wildcard in major league baseball, haven't figured that Obama's urine doesn't taste like wine, and don't like Frank Sinatra, I will tell you.
Tony can pee standing up.  He is almost tall enough to do so, but it is better to have him on a stool.  He does need someone to hold on his pee-pee for now.
No F***ing Way!
Pardon my use of this bad expression, but I have just read that Leonardo Dicaprio is going to play Sinatra in a film.  LD won't sing but even then, this is so bad.
Back to Work
I go back to work.  Oh!  What fresh horrors await me?
I will do an informal poll of the students to see who has been watching the Winter Olympics.  I am curious if any of them have been trying to watch the Curling and Ice Hockey.

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