Sunday, February 21, 2010

Does anyone care about the Winter Olympics? Not really.

An Informal Survery of AKICistan...
indicates massive indifference among the Chinese about the Winter Olympics being held in Vancouver, Canada.  A few know about the Chinese gold medal winners, but that is all.
An AKICistan Weekend
Three days into the Year of the Tiger, and it is Friday already in AKICistan.  Just goes to show you what happens when you come back to work on a Wednesday. 
Some Monday to Friday workers in China found themselves working on Sunday to make up for the holidays they didn't work.  It is not the sort of thing workers in Canada would put up with.
What to do?
Company students:  when they are good, they are very good; but when they don't want to be there....
Doing a business presentation class, I had a student read a newspaper article.  So, I gave her the lowest score possible and said nothing.

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