Saturday, February 6, 2010

To the Amazon we went...

Someone's pregnant
I won't name names.  Suffice to say, it is not Jenny.
A playground afternoon
Saturday afternoon was a playground afternoon for Tony.  Jenny and he went to a playground on Zhongshan Road -- the building that contains Watson's, Papa John's, DQ, and Moshi Moshi. 
Tony didn't want to leave when it was supper time.
The Amazon Buffet
Afterwards, we went to a nearby Amazon Buffet Restaurant.  We had our fill and Tony learned how to get Pepsi from a fountain machine.  Without assistance, he can reach to the machine and fill his glass.
If there is a strategy to getting maximum benefit from a buffet restaurant, I don't know what it is.  Yesterday evening, I may have made the mistake of not reconnoitring all food on offer before I dug in.  But simply, it is best to eat as much as you can till your stomach can't take anymore.
Channeling into a military reference, I should say that with our things at the table, the eating was like the Berlin Airlift. That is, we always had a person, in the air, getting food, while the other was acting as a sentry at the table.
Someone's feelings are hurt, maybe
One of the students may have hurt feelings.  Independent of my asking, he brought up some "issue".
Vomit on the bus
The fact that the #25 bus runs later into the evening meant we could go to the Amazon.  Catching the bus near Ba Bai Ban, we were able to get seats.
But just as I sat down, Jenny said "watch out!  I looked down and saw that someone had vomited on the bus floor.  And this someone vomited right at the front of the bus so that everyone boarding would inadvertently step in it.
But it still won't top the time that I saw  lady spill cooking oil on the bus.  Half a bus at rush hour was rendered unstand-on-able.
Tony cuddles up to Dad
Saturday was a cold, dank day with vomit, indifferent students, and the hassle of carrying Tony around.  But at bedtime, Tony cuddled up beside Dad, and Dad thought that all was right with the world -- for that moment anyway.

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