Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Back to Work for the last time in the Year of the Cow or Bull or Ox

Cream Puffs
For whatever reason, the K family went to a certain Amazon Buffet Restaurant twice within the last week.  Some would probably ask why the K family even went once, but that doesn't change the reality of the fact.  One might as well ask why we were even born.  (And by "we", I don't mean the K family -- I include the readers)  I could then and go and ask why some aren't mad at their parents for raising them -- why not have them aborted (that is the some, I mean) to save them (not the parents, but the children) the time and trouble and inconvenience?  But that is beyond the scope of this simple blog entry.
The fact that the K family went twice does give AKIC blogger a chance to make an observation about the Cream Puff plate in the Dessert section of that restaurant.  It seemed when AKIC blogger went to the plate for the second visit, that the plate looked exactly as it did on the first visit.  That is, the amount, of Cream Puffs there was, didn't seemed to have change over a period of days.  As well, the Cream Puffs were arranged in the same formation.  It was eerie.
Bravely, AKIC blogger decided to eat the Cream Puffs anyway and, like Homer Simpson would have, found them delicious.
Thundering and Lightning in February in Wuxi
To a Canadian, a thunder storm in February is a strange thing. 
AKIC blogger told his wife about this Tuesday evening at which time there was a thunder storm.
AKIC blogger, at first, thought he was hearing a lot of fireworks.

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