Friday, February 26, 2010


In the video I took of Tony and me riding on our scooter, Tony wasn't wearing a helmet. At the back of the mind, I thought this might invite some comment; and I was correct as I immediately got chided from a YouTube viewer of the video for Tony not wearing a helmet.

All I can say is I don't take Tony to high traffic areas.
Get out of my stash!
In the living room of Casa K, I have two piles (or stashes) of DVDs. One pile is for Tony; the other pile is of DVDs I don't want him trashing. I have put the DVDs on a high shelf so he can't get to them.

However, when I arrived home last night, my wife was laughing because Tony had gotten into my stash, and having heard me enter, he was scrambling to put my DVDs back. What he had done was taken a chair and used it to reach the high shelf.

The little bugger!

The third straight day of rain in Wuxi. We have had it all in the last two weeks: twenty degree Celsius days, snow, and now rain.

Winter Olympics Awareness in Wuxi
Among the foreigners, awareness of the Vancouver Olympic Games has been high. Among the Chinese, I always had an "Oh yeah, the Olympics" reaction.

One student thought they were being held in Australia.

But as the students have told me, Wuxi is not a winter place. Interest in the Winter Olympics would be higher in the Northeast of China.

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