Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monday for you is Friday for me!

Once again, I will on harp on pointlessly  because I probably don't have that many readers, about the fact that I have Tuesday and Wednesday off. 
Anyway, I do.  So, there.
Were the Olympics worth it for Vancouver and Canada?
The Winter Olympics have been shown on local television here in Wuxi, but not too many are watching, judging by my questioning of the students.  Only two students, out of the fifty plus I asked, said they were watching the Winter Olympics everyday.
I have also had questions about the economic benefits  a community and country gets from holding the games.  Governments like them because they look good.  But then leather jackets also look good, and if you have a family to worry about, you are taking benefits away from them to satisfy your own ego.  So, I see the Olympics as party for the well-heeled and government types, at the expense of the common citizen. 
So, I find it strange that I am linking an article from the Obama-supporting New York Times that reports the Winter Olympics are going to leave Vancouver in debt.  Obama recently tried to get the Summer Olympics for Chicago. 
The stimulus in the States isn't panning out; the Olympic stimulus isn't either for Vancouver.
But the Olympics are putting the spotlight on Curling and Curling music.

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