Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sarah Palin and her hand notes: a model for making a presentation.

I do a Business Presentation class with some company students every Sunday morning.  The students, if they had their way, would read a text and be done with it. If they could, they would use a teleprompter.  So I tell the students to not to read, but that it is okay to consult some short notes (bullit points) when doing their presentation.  But many students will memorize and recite a speech which  doesn't look or sound any better.  And so I am constantly telling them to use short notes!  

Along comes Sarah Palin doing what I want the B.P. students to do!  But she gets mocked for it.  

Whatever.  I would use Palin as a model for the students to follow instead of Obama.

The stupidity of Palin bashing!  Better to be called a Teabagger than to be a Kool-aid drinker.

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zumboo said...

I am surprised that a seemingly thoughtful conservative would attempt to defend Sarah Palin. She has demonstrated her vast ignorance on many occasions. If she gets the GOP nomination in 2012, it will be four more years of Obama guaranteed.