Friday, December 4, 2009

Whoo! It feels cold!

Heavy Jacket and Long Johns
Those are the things I will need today.  Getting out of bed, I can feel the cold has been raised a notch.
The Jam
Tony and I sat together on the couch watching the The Jam DVD I have.  This time I waded into the band's 77-79 initial phase -- the first DVD of the two DVD set I have.
Tony and I then watched a Sinatra DVD.  I hope I can get the Boy to like the voice of the century.  I like him to grow up with a modicum of civilization.  The world doesn't need any more children weaned on Rock N' Roll.
I am a sad one when it comes to emails.  I don't do much of them if I can help it, preferring to write in this blog in a general way.  But I am trying to change this habit.  I have been sending more emails out lately finding out how some people I am acquainted with are doing.
My Kid Brother's Birthday
Happy Birthday to my brother Ron who lives in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  I can remember when he was born in '72  -- an event more glorious than Henderson's goal.  If I have a chance, I will put up a more proper entry for this event with a photo.  Of course, I will send Ronalds an email.
Christmas Decorations
The school has put up Christmas Decorations.  I will make a video of them to post to AKIC spaces. 
Last evening, I saw one of the students make a point of posing beside one of the school Christmas trees; which goes to show you that Christmas is still a curious thing for the Chinese.

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