Sunday, December 6, 2009

Are you the Christmas man?

You're dressed to kill!
Eleven, One of the course consultants (sales girls) at our school was looking good wearing these black shoes with high heels thick as railroad spikes.  I told her she was dressed to kill, dressed to kill men, that was.  I don't know if she quite got my meaning.  She asked if I meant she looked nice.  I said she did (and she did!), but the spikes, or rather the heels, looked like  weapons.  So she got a compliment out of it even she didn't understand my joke.
But Eleven got me back.  Or did she?  After my dressed to kill comments, she asked if I was the Christmas man?  I responded saying I wasn't Santa (I also should have also said I wasn't Obama, or rather Jesus).  I wasn't sure what she meant by that till she pointed out I was wearing a bright red parka that looked like the cloak Santa has been portrayed as wearing.
I just don't know how I come off on these exchanges.
Tony and DVDs
Children aren't always the brightest bulbs.  Take for example Tony when it comes to DVDs.  He gets angry when DVDs start malfunctioning.  But he doesn't realize that his throwing DVDs around as well as his rubbing his dirty hands on them is the cause of the problem.
A Rabbi parking at Dunkin Donuts
I have this quandary:  do I want to become Catholic or Jewish?  It is a personal thing that probably doesn't interest you or at best baffles you.  It may also disgust or amuse you, but that is not my concern.  Anyway, I remember William F Buckley saying that if you can prove the Resurrection didn't happen, he would convert to Judaism.  I think I would become Jewish because the Rabbis have really cool Yiddish accents.  But that is really a frivolous reason. 
So much for thinking disjointedly aloud.  But for whatever reason those thoughts came into my mind as I was listening to a podcast with a little sermon, you could call it, from a Rabbi named Eytan Feiner.  It was a short sermon, for which I will provide the link in a later entry.  At the end of the sermon, the Rabbi talks about an episode of parking in a Dunkin Donuts where a secular Jew thinks a Religious Jews can't park.  I was listening to it on the long bus ride back from work and I was killing myself -- just what a foreigner needs to do on a bus fill of Chinese.
On the bus
Sitting, I looked out  the window, and then I looked inside, up, and above to see a man starring at me.  Catching his eye with a hard glare, I got him to blink and turn his glance away.
Hot Dogs!
Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggety Dog!!  At the Nanking Ikea, Jenny, my dear wife bought me a whole of wieners and buns.  So this AKIC weekend, I will  be having Hot Dogs! Yes!  Not such an easy thing to do if you live in the boonies of Wuxi like I do.
The last two mornings, I have woken up freezing and so have worn my thicker jacket to go to work.  But as soon as I arrive downtown, the wind of the burbs turns to the heat of the sun, so I can't win.  I wish it was consistently cold.
Nativity Scene
For the school Christmas party, I have floated the idea of doing a nativity play for the foreign trainers' performance.  That is, we would present to the students the story of Jesus, Mary, Joseph, and the three wise men.  Surprisingly, to me, I have gotten a favourable response.


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