Sunday, December 20, 2009

AKIC Friday

I am in a holiday mood
My moods waver.  I am only in a holiday mood because I was in a bitter mood the day before.
Bloody Cold
It took a supreme act of will on my part to get out of bed this morning.  It was so warm under the sheets.  I felt like a warm hot-cross bun except for the fact that my feet were a little cold, but what I did then was, I scrunched up.
What was the Question?
Darn!  I had a good question worded in an understandable way for my English Corner tonight but I have forgotten what it is.  It wasn't about top-up or bottom-down, or what they know about the nativity, or whether Chinese behavior in traffic reflected their behavior everywhere, or making dramatic changes....  I had the question about 30 minutes but now it is lost!
But I am thinking....
Question:  Do you like changes? (That wasn't the question but it will do for the purpose of this blog entry)
My answer:  While I admit I am a conservative, I am not against change per se, but I am for trial and error in our approach to affairs.  Most of what humans do now is the result of previous trial and error -- we do many traditional things even if we forgotten why we originally started to do them.  The modern approach to change is wrong because it seems to assume to our ancestors were fools, and that we are somehow wiser.  As well, the change we get down is also top-down change that in the long run becomes resistant to change itself.  So many government departments are created, don't serve their intended purpose, don't go away as they would in a true trial-and-error process, and so become part of the problem  -- a special interest that becomes vested in the problem never being solved.  This what will happen to American Health care, I am afraid to say.
I will talk to students about trial and error tonight.
Wrestling with Tony
That is how I spend my time with Tony.  He seems to love it because he giggles and giggles and giggles.  (One of the students told me he should have been home with his daughter helping her do her homework instead of attending my English class.  Sigh!)

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