Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

The Good
Have to give credit where credit is due, but the Chinese love of Children puts the West and me to shame.  It is not forced; it seems absolutely genuine.  Yesterday, I took Tony for a walk in the apartment complex (video to follow), and a worker, probably a migrant, pushing a wheelbarrow approached us.  Seeing Tony, the worker stopped, put down the barrow handles, and smiled, danced, and clapped for him.  It was sweet of that man to do so, especially considering that Tony's father has all sorts of privileges that a worker from rural China could only dream off.  Talk about being able to rise above your station! 
Today, when the K family went to Baoli to do some grocery shopping, I was sitting on a bench there with a sick Tony in my arms.  This old woman, with worn-out slippers for shoes and bad teeth, looked at Tony and then gave us the biggest smile.  She then lifted the lid of a nearby garbage can to see if there were any contents she could take.  Could Westerners do that ? --  Forgot so much about their situation to give others a smile?
The Bad
I give the Chinese no credit however when it comes to their driving -- they are selfish and inconsiderate.  Hard to believe that a civilization so old can be so barbaric on the roads.  Today, with Tony in my arms, I was attempting to cross the street, the green pedestrian light indicating it was okay to go.  A driver tried to make a right turn in front and I wasn't going to let him or her-- I had the right of way.  But the driver cut me off and so I pounded my fist on his trunk.  This caused the driver to stop, roll down his window, and say something.  My wife screamed back at her.  Later, my wife told me the driver had called me an idiot, and that she responded in kind.  I wonder if I did the right thing?  However, I know that I would do what that driver had done.
Forgive them -- they know not what they do!  But surely they know they are taking foolish chances on the road?
The Ugly
I did to allude to the fact that Tony has been sick the last two days.  Yesterday, he threw up on the living room rug.  Today, he threw up in the aisle of Baoli Carrefour -- Disgusting and thus qualifying as Ugly for the purpose of this blog entry.  But to able to carry a sleeping Tony in my arms is a sentimental joy that makes being a parent so worthwhile.

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