Saturday, December 5, 2009

AKIC rationalizations

This Entry is not quite ready.
I am busy today so I have no time, now, to make a proper daily entry.  So I will publish this work in progress entry fill of my rationalizations for my inexplicable behavior.
I am an Expatiste
Woody Allen tries to model himself as the artiste.  He is above going to the Oscars for instance.  In that vein, I will call myself the Expatiste.  I am too cool to leave my digs in the Wuxi boonies to meet other expats.

I think Germans are strange
How do I justify having and considering this uncharitable thought?  Well, the Germans are German after all.

I wear double socks
You are asking yourself:  Why Would Andis do such a dastardly thing?  Why would he wear two pairs of socks at once?  Is he some sort of free-thinking anarchist?  Is he an enemy of the times?  No.  One pair of his shoes are a little big; another pair has a thin sole.  Also, he has holes in some of his socks and some of these socks are also wore thin.  To wear two thin socks means to make one socks.

I will have a lazy Christmas
Tony is in a young and destructive stage of his life making any Christmas preparations pointless.  I can wait till next year.

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