Wednesday, December 16, 2009

An AKIC Monday Dispatch

Bus Stories
I did make a good decision this morning.  Standing at the bus stop this morning, I saw my chosen bus, the #25, was packed and people were already standing.  I waited for the next bus, and I was able to get a seat so I could do some Chinese study -- I am working my way through this book of Humorous stories.  My Chinese study consists of three parts -- I read some text, I study a grammar, and I study a character book.

Getting a seat was a wise and fortunate thing for me because about three stops later, the bus was suddenly packed.  What had happened was another #25, maybe the one I choose to not board, had broken down.  Was happens in this situation (it happens often) is that all the passengers board the next bus.  This morning, it was quite the sight to see fifty people run towards the bus I was on.  I put my head down and studied my Chinese book intently.

There has been a rush to defend Tiger Woods from Wuxi Sexpats.  Thankfully, the Expats scandalized by his actions have buckled down and responded with righteous indignation. The link is in the headline.

Flannery O'Connor
About two weeks ago, I didn't know much about this writer except the name and that the writer was from the Southern United States.  I didn't know for certain that the author was female.  Now, I have read two of her stories, listened to a podcast about her, and yesterday purchased a DVD of a film adaptation of one her novels.  On the DVD, is a recording of her speaking and reading one of her stories.

When I had gone to the DVD store, I had been hoping to find something about Christmas, but nothing sufficed.  The Wise Blood DVD was the best possible purchase I could make.

I am cold here in Wuxi.  But I don't mind because I do like being able to dress for it.  But I worry about Jenny and Tony who are in the countryside now.

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