Sunday, October 31, 2010

Small thoughts and observations

  • I saw a woman with three children on an electric bike.  Not such a bad thing but they wore no helmets.
  • Mad Man Disc 3 -- season 2 or 3.  I know that guy was gay but did they have to show it?  Uggh!!  And the Brits and Yanks together in the same agency!  I wonder how that works out.
  • Bathrooms are haunted in China.  That is what some students have told me during Halloween week.
  • Tony has a genius for chaos?
  • Said a student:  I am afraid of two types of animals: birds and chickens.  He was scared of chickens, he said, because eating them made him fat.  He should have said: I am afraid of birds, especially chickens.
  • I saw three men on a motorcycle.  None of them wore helmets.  From a distance, I saw that the man in the rear was pressing a cloth against the top of the middle man's head.  I saw a grimaced look on the middle man's face.  And as the motorbike passed me, I saw blood trickling down the middle man's face.
  • Another student told me that cooking was trivial knowledge -- I disagreed with her.
  • I was a straggler along with Tony on the school trip.  That is, Tony and I were the last to arrive at the bus that was to take us back to Wuxi from Suzhou.  It is not in my nature to be a straggler -- this was a first.
  • I almost lost my voice with the current cold I have.  Embarrassingly, my voice has cracked on a few occasions..

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