Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 14, 2010

  • Not much to say today.  I am just following routine, though I did add one thing to it -- I dress Tony in the morning in preparation for school.  I am sure this helps Jenny but I put Tony's underwear on backwards one time.
  • It is cloudy and cool in the Wux.  I have been wearing a jacket the last few days.
  • Not many Chinese seem to know about the Nobel Peace Prize awarding.
  • The Devil Rays lost to the Rangers in their playoff series making their division title victory over the Yankees extremely Pyrrhic  I am not sure if a Rangers Yankees series will be compelling.  I could see the Yankees blowing the Texas team away.
  • Canada didn't make it past the first round of voting for temporary U.N. Security Council Seats.  Not that it matters, but I think Canada should withdraw permanently from the U.N.  Why we attach such importance to playing a big role in the organization is beyond me.
  • One of eight students I had in my class had a sibling.

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