Sunday, October 17, 2010

It is Ma Ma Monday and AKIC has got's to go to work.

  • Taking Tony to School: an Essay.
  • Andis has to work this Monday or there wouldn't be any trainers at the school during the day.
  • Ma Ma, Ma Ma Monday!  Ma Ma, Ma Ma Monday!
  • Sam Katz for mayor of Winnipeg!  His last name starts with "K".
  • There it is!  I said it!  What do you think of that!
  • I have been listening to Mark Levine Podcasts.  I love the way he calls all his opponents jerks!  I would normally have thought this to be rude.  But then all his opponents are Leftists and Democrats and Progressives and RINOs.
  • The Western restaurant in Hui Shan made an outstanding tuna sandwich.
  • Sunday evening, Tony headbutt his father causing a lens to pop out of his father's reading glasses.  Tony's mother was able to put the lens back in.



Anonymous said...

I also resort to calling adversaries jerks and losers when I can't think of how to respond to their arguments

Andis Kaulins said...

Thank you for the comment.

I notice that some people as well resort to calling their adversaries "racists", "tea-baggers", "extremists", "People who like to cling to their guns", among other things because they don't know how to respond to their arguments.

Levine, like it or not, seems to appeal to a demographic that is constantly put down by Progressive media types. But I do have to admit that I am somewhat conflicted by his name-calling. He seems to have a style that comes from the urban environment of New York City where I have heard that people call each other far worse. At least he doesn't try to hide his disdain for the other side unlike Obama who seems to have a lot of accomplices willing to cover up for him.

I think democracy would be improved if parliaments, like ice hockey before the 1980s, occaisionly had bench clearing brawls -- a once valued Canadian institution (which I suppose made up for our verbal politeness).