Monday, October 11, 2010

Bad Memories, Confessions, and Other Bliggin Bloggons

Newbies  There are lots of New Expats in Wuxi, I have been told by someone who might know about these things.  I wouldn't know myself.  I don't even know how many old Expats there are in Wuxi.  The only foreigners I see are at school and outside of the church that the school over looks.
Your Pants are calling me!  Because my name starts with "A", I will get a lot of inadvertent phone calls and text messages from people who forgot to lock their mobile phone keypad, or because a gremlin in their pants unlocked for them.  I have often answered my phone only to hear the muffled sound of someone trudging along, or the distant sound of them talking to someone else. 
Monday evening, I got 22 blank text messages from a student.
Other things Pant Gremlins can do  I have put things like mini flashlight key chains, nail clippers, and pens in my pocket pants only to discover later that they have become completely disassembled.
Extended Adolescence.  Recollecting my past, I shudder to think of the many things I have done that I am either ashamed or embarrassed about because of their implications for my character and my so-called manhood.  I suppose I could, if I could stand it, write hundreds of pages in a search for what was my biggest embarrassment.   But what comes to mind first is my extended time I was in university -- I got out when I was 25.
Further proof that Nudism is evil.  Rare readers may know that I make a distinction between Naturism and Nudism.  Naturism has come to be a fancier way of saying Nudism, but I believe they should be distinct.  Nudism, as far as I am concerned, is the basic desire to free oneself from what one mistakenly thinks are the restraints of having a divine reverence for the universe.  Naturism is the respect for the divine attributes that one has.  Nudism is secular and ultimately earthly disgusting. Naturism is a proud, brave, responsible creed.
I bring this up as I heard on a podcast about these stupid students who thought they were doing a profound thing by taking off their clothes for Obamacare.  The Evil Republicans they say are seeking to reduce their coverage -- funny, as far as that goes, but this Colbertian smart-alecky humour is a not a substitute for serious argumentation.  No Naturist would be so stupid as to support anything so stupid as Obamacare.  Naturists believe in, and cherish the divine freedom they have.  They wouldn't lower themselves to sully the divine freedom they have to be responsible, sober, and serious human beings.  Those students had to be Nudists.
Mad Man watching  I am almost finished the second of four DVDs I have of the Mad Man series.  I was reminded harshly of my military career when that grey headed letch character said to another man that he thought it was cowardly for that man to have been in the signal corps as a clerk.  I recalled that I had been a financial clerk for a while.
The Libertine Lifestyle   This could never be source of pride for me.  Where I was younger this was so because it just wasn't meant to be -- I had a talent for not making it with people.  Now, in middle age, I feel I lack something else -- whatever that is.
Porsche Boxstar  A man in our apartment complex has a red Porsche Boxstar.  I can't help but notice it.
Picking up my son in the rain  Doing this with an electric bike can be real annoying.  You have to put the boy under the special rain suit that electric bikers wear.
Mopping a fence.  The Subway construction areas have blue aluminum sheets erected all around them that hide the view of what goes on inside.  I saw some workers using mops to clean the outside of them...   You know, of all the things that need cleaning around these parts, they have to mop a fence!
Shovel and Bike  I saw a man trying to carry a shovel in his hand as he rode a bicycle -- he couldn't do it so he had to push his bike. 
Fuck Bush Three   The Nobel Peace Prize has been tarnished recently by its being awarded to the undeserving Al Gore and Barack Obama.  Looking at these awards objectively, one could not help but think the real reason these awards were given was to say "Fuck George W. Bush -- that evil man and his stupid missionary's desire to bring democracy to some countries!".   This year's prize was given to someone wanting democracy for a country which seems contradictory to the spirit in which the two previous awards had been handed out.  But I now realize the award was a third attempt to shaft George W. Bush.  "We will give it someone who wants democracy but isn't George W. Bush!"

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