Thursday, October 28, 2010

My next lunar birthday is December 26!

I gleamed the following information about my birthday from this site:

Gregorian Date of AKIC's Gregorian Birthday:
Thursday, December 24, 1964
Chinese Date of AKIC's Gregorian Birthday Anniversary this year
cycle 78, Chinese Year Geng-Yin (27), year 2010, month 11, day 19 (2010-11-19)

Chinese Date of your birthday
cycle 77, Chinese Year Jia-Chen (41), year 1964, month 11, day 21 (1964-11-21)

Gregorian Date of your Chinese Birthday Anniversary this year
               Sunday, December 26, 2010

What this means is that in 2010, I can celebrate, My birthday, Christmas, and then another lunar birthday on three consecutive days.

Far out!

So, my solar birthday is 12/24; my lunar birthday is 11/21.

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