Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Factory Tour

I took Tony to school by taxi yesterday (October 26, Tuesday).  The bike battery was dead and the weather was cool, very cool.
I took Tony to his classroom and then talked to the foreign teacher Kyle who now works at his school now.  Kyle has parents who are English teachers in Nanjing.  I am the first foreigner he has seen since he arrived here nearly two weeks ago.  He is having to deal with the problem of getting a proper visa.
After having dropped Tony off at school and talked to Kyle, I walked to the nearest bus stop that I knew of. I say this because I had always taken the bike to school till yesterday
At the bus stop, a former student from my school spotted me.  Lisa stopped her car  and picked me up.  She told me she was going to her factory in the Hui Shan area, and she was glad to see me.  After doing the update procedure, she asked me if I would to take a tour of her factory.  I said sure and why not.

I was taken into the heart of the industrial area of Hui Shan and Yanqiao.  Lisa's factory supplies Timken, the big bearing company which supplies my school with English students.  The factory was huge comprising at least four buildings.  I was taken through the production area  and some workshops.  I saw lathes, grinders, expensive CNC machines, and piles of shiny silver casters, rings, and whatnot that had been produced for Timken.  I amazed at all I saw, as well as humbled.  I didn't have the first clue what all these machines did and what their production was needed for.  I saw people do things with their hands which I had chosen to avoid in my life.  Lisa was wondering if I could help her business in some way and I didn't know how.

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