Sunday, October 10, 2010

FMLB20 Regular Season Ten Final Standings

FMLB20 is the twenty team version of my three Fantasy Major Baseball Leagues (the others are FMLB16 and FMLB24).

Below you can see the final standings at the end of the tenth season of FMLB20.

The White Sox won their second ever AL pennant in FMLB20. They will make their fifth trip to a FMLB World Series (so far, they are 2-2 in the WS).

The White Sox will meet the winner of the Braves-Giants National League pennant tie breaker in the FMLB20 World Series. The Braves-Giants series will be the fourth tie breaking playoff ever needed to break a tie for a FMLB League or Division title. This will be the third time, the Braves will be in a tie breaker (they lost and won one previous tie-breaker).

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