Saturday, October 23, 2010

FMLB24 Season 10 World Series

Is it the Expos and the Yankees in the FMLB24 Season Ten World Series. The Expos and the Yankees are meeting for the second time in a FMLB24 World Series (They meet in the FMLB24 Season Two World Series) They are the only the third pair of teams to have had a World Series rematch (the other teams are the Cardinals and the Indians; and the Braves and the White Sox) in the 36 FMLB World Series that have been held.

The Expos are in their second consecutive FMLB World Series. In Season Nine, they played the A's. They hope to win their second ever FMLB World Series. The Yankees are trying to win their fourth...

And so, the Yankees took a four games to one lead. The Expos hoped to pull off a comeback similar to the NLCS where they came from a 3-0 deficit to beat the Braves. The Expos won two games to make the series 4-3. However, the Yankees ended Expos hopes with a decisive game eight victory.

The Yankees won their fourth ever World Series. The only other team to have done this is the Braves.

Baseball is the Yankees, and the Yankees are baseball, even against my Expos.

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