Sunday, September 27, 2009

Why do the Democrats want Obama assassinated?

There is nothing to be gained, for Republicans and conservatives, from the assassination of Obama.  All that would serve to do is make a martyr for the Democrats and for the left-wing ideas that conservatives honestly disagree with.  It would make the world a worse place.  (I refer to the predictions I have read of Obama's assassination from lefties, and left wing media types reporting of crazed men coming to Obama rallies)

I shouldn't have to be saying what I just said.  Yet, I feel compelled to when I hear of the Lefties talking about it.  They simply assume that there is a right-wing conspiracy to kill Obama because he is black, and that to disagree with Obama is to be dishonest.

I submit that there is a left-wing conspiracy or at least a left-wing desire to have Obama assassinated.  An Obama assassination would a wet-dream and fantasy for every Democrat because it would allow them to do what they really want to do:  be self-righteous and hateful of certain types of Americans who disagree with them.

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