Saturday, September 19, 2009


It's Coming!
My promised long piece of blogging will be published in the next twenty four hours.  I will re-read it a few times today and look for typos and grammar errors.
Now What?
What to read now that I have finished Ulysses.  Once I finish this bio of Alan Greenspan I am reading (I got it at our school library), I will dive into a Michael Crichton, and then another classic (The Adventures of Huck Finn).
Too Much Freedom?
I find that my time without Jenny and Tony can be filled with the chores Jenny normally does around the apartment like cleaning and laundry.  I have more freedom when she is around and less in another way.  I can choose when to do the things that got to get done, but I gots to do them.
Carrefour on a Saturday Night with My Bike
Go to a shopping centre in Wuxi and you will see thousands of bikes parked all around it.  I rarely have to park my bike with the masses so it is a perilous time for me when I do.  Last evening was such a occaision.  I had a hard time finding a space and I was screamed at by an attendant telling me, apparently, I was trying to park in the wrong place.  I then saw this attendant picking up bikes and moving them about, one time even setting off the bike's alarm.  I have a device that came with the keys that helps me locate my bike by setting off its alarm - a very useful thing because you can't easily misplace your bike among thousands of otheres.

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