Monday, September 7, 2009

Friday (Tuesday) Fancyings

Weekend with Tony
This will be my last weekend with Tony in Wuxi for a while.  For the next two months, I have to commute to Beixing to see him as Jenny will be taking a driving course.

With dusk coming earlier in the day, these days, the powers in charge of putting on the street lamps here have to make some adjustments.  It was strange when I arrived home last evening from work, to see darkness, traffic lights, car headlights, but no street lamp light.  The darkness was almost blinding.

Biting and Kissing
These days, Tony likes biting and kissing.  He kisses his mom endlessly.  Sometimes, he kisses his father but he prefers to bite him instead.  

More thoughts on Ulysses
Interesting to know that James Joyce, author of Ulysses, sought employment as an English teacher when he exiled himself from his native Ireland.  As well, Ulysses, a novel based in Ireland, was written away from Ireland.  All stuff of inspiration to this English teacher in China.  But do I want to write a day in the life of say, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada based on a Homeric epic?

Now, I am reading the chapter of Ulysses written in the form of a play script.  Expect me to write a piece in a similar vein soon.  I should add that this chapter I am reading employs the script style depicting many drunken hallucinations.  I will employ fantasy in my piece but there will be no drunkenness.

First, I will write a stream of consciousness piece based on a bike ride to work.

I Like History but...
I had a student tell she liked to study history.  She was going to go to Italy, which she didn't want to do, to study hotel management.  I told her that she would love Italy because it had a lot of history.  She then said she didn't like European history, only Chinese history.  Some students love to play games with you.  In this girl's case, I didn't care because she was the only student in the class. Having her with others angered me.  As it was, it was a game for me too.

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