Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Jenny and Tony go to Beixing

Change of Plan
There was a change of plan.  Instead of leaving on Wednesday, the fifteenth; Jenny and Tony left for Beixing, this morning, the sixteenth.  It was a chaotic trip to the bus station as we took local transit to get there. I had to carry about four bags about 200 meters to the bus stop.  It was a pain to board the bus.   In the middle of the trip, it started to rain heavily.  Faced with the prospect of getting our luggage all wet, we got off and caught a taxi directly to the bus station.  No way, I was going to lug all that stuff about half a kilometer from the stop to the station.

Have no fear!
Fear not, magnificent readers!  I took plenty of video of Tony these last two days.  I will be able to satisfy your daily Tony fix.  Unlike other pushers, I won't up the charge just because you are having withdrawal symptoms.

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