Sunday, September 27, 2009

Monday Moanings

My October Holiday Plans
I will have eight consecutive days off in a row.  The first two days, I will spend in Wuxi because I am not interested in dealing with the October 1 crowds and am interested in catching up on housework.  I will the spend five days in Beixing with the wife and son.  Jenny and I plan on taking some day trips around the area.

Mister Moderator
I have moderator status at

The Roaring Twenties
A movie starring Jimmy Cagney and featuring Humphrey Bogart.  I found the movie on DVD at Nanchang Temple  -- only three RMB.  The movie was good  -- it had the B&W look and feel that I like about the old movies.  James Cagney whose screen presence I initially didn't care much for, he seemed too cocky and of limited range, has grown on me.  If he is in a movie, I will buy.  The Roaring Twenties is a account of the prohibition era through the exploits of Eddie Bartlett, a unemployed World War soldier turned bootlegger.

Hongdo Building
It looks to me like the Hongdo Building, Wuxi's other downtown skyscraper, is ready to be moved into.

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