Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Friend Afar

Half the world apart,
united in heart.
I can say I have had a few nice things happen to me as a result of blogging.  For instance:  an entry of mine garnered mention in Commentary's blog, I have had a few emails from the Derb, meeting Steve "The Great" Wall of Florida, meeting Joe and Maralin from Arizona, and just now, I click on Fresh Bilge to see this.  This tops everything else.  My first reaction is a strange mixture of "Oh My God!" and "I am not worthy!".  And I wonder what to say to in response.  But I think I know what to do:  I have to make myself worthy of the honour.  Not so much do I have to be a better blogger; I got to be much better in person.
Alan Sullivan, aka FB or Seablogger, had to stop full-time blogging for health reasons.  That he can still take the time, with his health as it is, to read my blog is good to know -- I pray that he can somehow can return to the fray. 

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