Thursday, September 3, 2009

And Furthermore....

Leftover Beixing Observations
  • It may well be that Beixing is spelt Beixin.  The problem is that I have seen both spellings on buildings in Beixing.  I have the same problem with a nearby city:  Jiangyin or Jianying or Jiangying?
  • Speaking of the J place, there is a new stadium in the city.  You can't miss when you go to cross the big cool Suspension bridge in that city.
  • I saw a shrimp walking on land.  Either that or this bug I saw was extremely aquatic
  • Some sort of performing troupe came to the countryside.  The stage was placed so that it blocked one lane on traffic.  It was facing not towards the opposite side of the road, so that a driver not playing attention could crash right into it.
  • At the High School I saw in Beixing, there were photos of great men in the corridors - a common feature of many Chinese schools.  In this school, I saw photos of Newton, Mao, Lenin, and Stalin.
  • My wife's family seemed enthralled to see a t.v. program where a lookalike Chairman Mao was entertaining children.
  • Tony didn't like hanging out at the in laws' compound.  He was always wanting to go for walks.
  • My wife is going to enroll in a driver's course in the countryside because it is considerably cheaper than in the city.  What this means for me is I will be having more days of "freedom" over the next two months.  The wife may go back to Beixing, with Tony, in mid-September.
  • Not much to say.
  • I can hardly wait for Fall.  The change in temperature had me thinking, I would sweat no more.  Alas, it wasn't to be.  Bloody hot today it was.
  • Elsie Lu, from our school, has a birthday tomorrow.  I took a video of her wedding which you can find on YouTube, if you can and care to.
  • The student at my English Corner had great examples of how the theoretical knowledge didn't help them in real life.

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