Friday, June 19, 2009

Thug versus Thug.

  • There weren't any good guys with a chance of winning the Iranian election.  What seems to be going on in Iran is a fight between factions of Mullah thugs.  The protests on the street are from a genuine frustration with the way things are run in Iran.  This strife should be encouraged.  Clearly, the Iranian regime is evil and whatever means should be taken to see it collapse, hopefully of its own weight.  However, Obama seems more interested more in stability than in Hope and Change in this instance. 
  • Speaking of seeing four people on a bike.  The K family must have been quite the sight as it rode three on a scooter on the way home last night.  I didn't care for doing this but it was Jenny's idea.  Jenny drove.  I sat in the back of the seat holding for dear life.  Tony stood between Jenny's legs, being naughty all the while as he tried to play with all the buttons and switches on the dash.
  • The heat is more that I can bear.  I have become acclimatized to it.  However, Summer is not my favorite season in Wuxi.

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