Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday Night AKICscretions.

  • On the phone, I told Tony to give his mother a kiss and a hug.  He did so.  A first for him.
  • I was finally able to download podcasts from Econtalk.
  • At one time, I really liked David Letterman.  I watched him every night.  I loved talking about what I saw him do at work the next day.  But then I wasn't able to watch because I had to work days and couldn't stay up late.  I probably didn't watch him for ten years.  In China, I have been able to watch him once on the TVU player.  I was shocked by how blatantly left-wing he was.  After hearing about what he did to Sarah Palin, I am going to have to admit that I admired a creep. 
  • Time to make WTU 347.

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