Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Back to Work.

  • Thursday is Monday in AKIC which means I go back to work.  I wonder what fresh horrors await me today.
  • Tony, you may have noticed, has ended the last two WTU's by saying "Bye-Bye"!  Slowly, but surely he talks.
  • Jenny was annoyed when Tony came back all dirty from our evening walk, last night.  But what can you expect?  Tony was having rough-and-tumble fun.  He was running around and fell down five or six times, but didn't seem to mind.
  • I will take the electric bike, more properly called scooter, to get  to work today
  • I feel a pit in my stomach, every time I leave Jenny and Tony.  If I could always spend my days with them!  Of course, it is not to be

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