Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Night in AKIC land. Hot Pot Buffet.

If Tuesday means AKICistan, Sunday means AKIC land.  The land of AKIC where anything is possible except when it isn't.
AKIC land made history tonight as the K family went to a Hot Buffet Restaurant for the first time ever, as a family. A week earlier, I had gone to the same Hot Pot Buffet Restaurant with Steve "the Great Wall of America" Wall - another historical, epoch-defining moment along the lines of Stanley meeting Livingstone.  Tonight's historical dinner happened on account of my wife having meet a student of mine in the afternoon.  I was told to join them as soon as I got off work.
How was the restaurant?  If you like Hot Pot, you will think it is alright.  You can help yourself to as much of your favourite ingredients as possible.
Where is the restaurant?  It is on Wuxi's European Street.
How was my meal tonight?  Having my son Tony along means I don't do much sitting.  Tony, for some strange reason, only likes to walk when we in a restaurant (otherwise, he wants his parents to hold him).  This means that either Jenny or I has to chase him about the place.  The restaurant we went to tonight has a slide and so Tony would run to the damn thing the whole evening.
Why was the evening historical, besides it being a first, sort-off?  While there, I made a speech to the Chinese World in which I credited them for inventing fireworks, lamented and apologized for their bad treatment from foreigners, and talked of the aspirations of all people in the area for dignity.  For too long, I told them, Latvian Canadians like me have given Chinese civilization a never-mind while instead looking at the evil United States as a source of hope.

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