Friday, June 12, 2009

Following the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Saturday morning, I was busy so I didn't have a chance to follow the seventh game of the Stanley Cup final.  If I had time, I doubt if I would have been able to see the game, I would have followed the game via updates, probably on the NHL site.  I have only just found out just now that the Penguins won the cup.  Reading the box score, I see the game was very defensive.  The Penguins got two goals in the second period.  Then, it looks like they played back, letting the Red Wings try to get around their defence.  The Red Wings out shot the Penguins eight to one in the third frame.  Only one Chinese person I know cared about the game.  She is disappointed, being a Red Wing fan.
I know one player on the Penguins - Sydney Crosby.
Last night at Casa K, Tony didn't fall asleep till way past midnight.  Till he did, he was walking over and straddling his parents who were trying to sleep.

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