Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Things I saw on my electric bike ride to work.

  • Waiting at a red light, I saw the electric bike next to me had four people.  There was a man driving with a young boy between his legs.  Sitting behind the man was a woman holding a baby.  Was this in fact a family of four?  Or did someone belong to another family?  It is not uncommon to see three people on a fast-moving motorcycle.  In Beixing (my wife's countryside hometown) it was not strange to see five people on a bike - it can be done with three children and two adults.
  • A pedestrian tunnel going beneath the railway tracks is a cool shaded area and so many street sellers set up shop there.  This morning, I saw that some of the sellers had brought their children along.  I saw two infants sitting on a straw mat on the sidewalk.  
  • The streetside watermelon sellers are back for the summer.  These people will live, sleep, and sell watermelons on a streetside.  The family that had the Wuxi Bengal Dog (a video, taken two years ago, that has been seen nearly 300,000 times on Youtube) are there, but don't have any dogs. 

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