Monday, June 29, 2009

Rain in Wuxi, China. June 29, 2009.

Video of the heavy rain this morning in Akicistan.


Harry Moore said...

Ahhh, yes, the sweet and invigorating rain in Wuxi. Many times I splashed my way home, down Xue Gian Dong Lu, fancying myself as a latter-day Gene Kelly. But I didn't do any singin', though. Reminds me of a true-life incident from some years ago, in the former Soviet Union. An American couple went to Moscow as tourists. They were driven around that amazing city by their trusted-driver, named Rudolf. In the car one morning, the lady looked out and said that there was snow, or sleet falling. Rudolf, fluent in English, said "no, that's just rain". The lady turned to her husband and insisted that there was certainly snow falling on the streets of Moscow that day. Again, Rudolf told her that it was rain. This dialogue went on for some minutes, until the husband told his wife "now dear, it CANNOT be a snowfall!". "You see", he continued, "Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear".

Andis Kaulins said...

My, Harry, how you wax poetically about your time in Wuxi.

I was just thinking. Today is the July of the Fourth. Have you ever read or watched the great speech made by King Martin Luther? The Dream I Have speech? It brings eyes to my tears.

Ben Johnson, disgraced Canadian sprinter, was returning to Canada after the 1988 Olympic debacle. Arriving at the airport in Toronto, Canada. Johnson was mobbed by people asking if he had taken the steroids. Because of the roar of the airplane engines, Johnson had trouble hearing and exclaimed "I didn't take no stereos!"

A Ukranian buying condoms was told they were three dollars plus tax. "Plus tacks!" exclaimed the Ukranian. "You need tacks to keep the condoms on?"