Friday, August 19, 2011

Yes Indeed!

  • Bravo to the Canadian Conservative Government!  They are bringing back the Royal Canadian Air Force, Royal Canadian Army, and Royal Canadian Navy.  These arms of the Canadian Military were lost when in the 1969, the government of Pierre Trudeau, decided to amalgamate the Air Force, Navy, and Army into the Canadian Armed Forces.  It was a terrible decision.  An insult to the legacy of the country.  It was like Pol Pot trying to declare Year Zero.
  • I can't remember ever feeling so giddy after hearing a government announcement.
  • As a Latvian, I don't see why Canadians would want to get rid of royal designations.  It was Latvia's bad luck to never have been a colony of the British Empire, and subjects of her majesty the Queen.
  • Summer is finishing up at the school.  I may be able to return to regular blogging.
  • Wuxi China Expatdom to adopt 20,000 feral Suzhou Expats.
  • Wuxi China has a chiropractor.
  • Has it been my wettest summer ever in Wuxi?  I think it is.  Another trainer suggested it might be, but other trainers and students say it hasn't been.  So, who knows!
  • Tony is back in kindergarten.  For the rest of August, Jenny will be taking him there via electric bike.  She finally got a new battery for it!

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