Friday, August 12, 2011

Friday Night Quickies

  • She sure did rain heavy last night. Oh boy!
  • The rain started as I left my company class. As I took a taxi to my bus stop, it intensified. But it wasn't then as bad as a rain that I had been stuck in two weeks earlier. I thought the rain would subside by the time I made it home. But as I got on the bus, the rain became even more intense. I could see the rain bouncing off the pavement. I could see big puddles collecting. I could see a strong wind causing the heavy rain to fall sideways. I realized, much to my consternation, that my ten minute walk from the bus stop to the apartment wasn't going to be any fun. I was going to get soaked.
  • At least when I did the sodden walk, I wasn't wearing my nice shoes. The walk home was also interesting because of the intense (there I go using that word again!) lightning. It was darn close and loud. I counted to two after the flash and heard quite the cracking thunder. I could see a glow of the lightning that I normally wouldn't experience because I didn't have the misfortune of being outside.
  • A girl comes into class wearing fashion glasses -- that is, glasses with no lenses. I asked her if she thought monocles could come into fashion. I suggested that maybe it was a good fashion for boys, but she thought this was a strange idea.
  • I am going to be making a commercial for the school that will appear on bus video screens all over the city. Tony will make a brief appearance. I have to memorize a Chinese script. Oh boy!
  • I accompanied Tony as he went for another tricycle ride on Wednesday night. We walked towards an software outsourcing park. We saw tall buildings there that were either lit in a spectacular way or were very dark. It was all so eerie to walk through so much man-made stuff while still feeling like one was in the countryside.

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