Thursday, August 4, 2011

A couple things

  • First, I should mention another story from Tuesday's night of heavy rain.  My wife left the window slightly ajar in the kitchen.  When the rain storm came in, it opened the window quite widely, and my wife had a devil of a time trying to close it.  And when she did, she had a lot of water to clean up.
  • I was told that the rainy season in Wuxi was officially finished last week.  You would never know it.  Just this afternoon, as I was at a company doing level placement tests, another bout of heavy torrential rain hit the city.
  • At the Tesco near our home, you can see people who have come from the deep countryside.  Last night, I saw three of them walked into the place with no shirts on.  It still jars me to see this -- I can't get the notion out of my mind that walking around without a shirt is barbaric.
  • Fake Kunming Expats expelled from Wuxi.
  • Oh sorry!  That is more than a couple things.
  • Wuxi Prime Minister to marry Wonder Woman.
  • Two electric bike riders having an argument after colliding with each other in the heavy rain.  What a forlorn sight.
  • The latest news about the search for the missing Swedish Bikini Team below the Wuxi Train Station.

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