Sunday, August 28, 2011

August 23 iPad entry

August 23, 2011

Tony's birthday

So far, Tony and I have wrestled at home.  We then went to the Taiwanese restaurant -- the latest regular stop -- for lunch.  We then took the bus downtown.  Downtown, we got on the number 81 bus -- a double-decker which Tony likes to ride.  The second level front row seats were occupied so Tony cried -- an old woman gave up her seat for Tony who didn't thank her.  Tony has an entitled sensibility that should be nipped in the bud.

Now, we are at the playground.  Tony has forcibly taken a mini-car from a little girl.  He has also been wrestling with another little boy -- he has been holding his own.  I will put the video of the scrap on the Internet.

Jenny wants to buy Tony a bowling set for his birthday; I want to buy him more track for his train set.

I have read a chapter of Ulysses and of 1984 as I sit here.  On this iPad, I have an awesome selection of books.  Already, I can say "too many e-books, not enough time."

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