Monday, August 8, 2011

My First Ever Blog Entry typed on an Ipad

At the indoor playground on Zhongshan Road, I typed this, on the IPad, while Tony ran around.
August 8, 2011

Missed Chinese lover's day which is the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.  And Jenny didn't even mention it.  And I didn't put two and two together when I saw roses being exchanged like candy at a playground.

Waiting at a bus stop with Tony, I saw an old man wearing nothing but shorts, a wide Asian peasant hat, and sandals.  His skin was deeply tanned in the manner of someone who was always outdoors for work.  His bike, with nine or ten bags tied to it, leaned against a power pole, as he ate yogurt from a plastic bowl-shaped container.  I didn't much notice him till he tossed away the spoon and container he had been using.  He was littering in a very untoward and uncivil way.  It stunned me to see him do so, but to think of it now, I know he had his reasons which I couldn't have refuted.  To be in his shoes, it would have been a stretch to have listened to me.

I saw a woman wearing a t-shirt bearing the word "Mango" -- Mango, as you should know if you are informed, is the prime minister of the Wuxi China Expatdom.  Her wearing of the t-shirt made everything that I and Orient Express are doing at Wuxi China Expatdom blog worthwhile.

I was thinking the day was pleasant.  Tony and me sitting on the bus together, after having had a pleasant walk to the bus stop.  The day was warm with a cool breeze.  And then I saw another foreigner.  My blissful isolation was punctured.  I felt like my day's cruise was now a chore.  Funny, how I see more people daily in China than I ever would in Canada, and yet I can feel more solitude.  I love being solitary -- it is exact opposite of loneliness.

Tony plays on the fringes.  He joins in the play of others but doesn't seem to mind much if he is uninvited.

Tony has played for three hours non-stop.

Playing with the iPad, I made a funny photo of Jenny, knowing full well I would earn her wrath.  Foolhardily, I showed her the photo.  Sternly, she said it wasn't funny.  I froze.  But then Tony then said "it was funny.", and I laughed a tension-reduced laugh.

发自我的 iPad

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