Wednesday, August 24, 2011

More Links from AKIC!

  • 1,500,000 views on  my Youtube channel!
  • Tang Poetry.  I got a hankering for it at times.  As that does great Sinologist and Conservative John Derbyshire.  He reads Drinking under the Moon by Li Bai here.
  • Quote:  Being too careful is being too careless in a different direction.    ---   Rabbi Shraga Silverstein.
  • Quote:  "There are some issues that are too simple for intelligent people to understand. Most moral issues are like that. The problem isn't distinguishing between right and wrong. That is not always as plain as day, but usually it is. The problem is finding a way to justify doing the wrong thing. And once you think you have found it, the people still arguing for doing the right thing may be dismissed as "simplistic."   David Warren -- my favorite columnist.
  • Wuxi Expat feels like parnevu at local public washrooms.  He should have said parvenu.

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