Saturday, August 6, 2011


  • Here's a thought that will get me into trouble.  I wish -- spank me, whip me, hurt me, and all that.  Anyway, I will do an English Corner about Famous Women.  I will ask if the students think that if all the countries of the world had female leaders, there would be no more war.  I of course disagree.  Just go to a Chinese market and watch women shop.  That would rid one of illusions.  But here is my thought.  If countries all had female leaders, wars would be more bitching!!  Instead of two nukes dropped on Japan -- ten.  The Iraqi War would have ended earlier because women would be more likely to use Daisy Cutters.
  • Later.  It turned out that a lot of students agreed with me.  None said women in charge would mean less wars.  A few, including some women, there would be more wars in only women were in charge.  There was an ancient Chinese saying, said one student, "three woman, one play."
  • Typhoon coming to Wuxi!  And I don't have any boots.
  • One of my students told me what his father told him about executions.  The father witnessed executions in his youth.  He told his son (my student) about them in great detail.  For instance, it often took two or three shots to kill a person.  A soldier would first shoot the person from behind with a rifle.  An officer would then shot two or three more times with a pistol because the person wasn't dead yet.  And then there was the air gushing out from the executed person's lung when hitting the ground...
  • Secret societies in China?  I asked the students.  One student told me about a bad society called the FLG.  I told her I had seen the FLG in Canada outside the Chinese consulate.  The student then said "hmmmm!" in a surprised and exasperated manner.
  • The Tea Partiers are terrorists and hostage takers?  The Tea baggers are making sugar-coated Satan sandwiches?  The knuckle-draggers TPers are basically racist -- no sensible person believes that government shouldn't borrow as much money as it can?  Are these questions a joke?  Apparently not.  This stuff that is being spouted off by the Left after the end of the bogus and picayune debt ceiling deal.

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