Sunday, May 29, 2011

What is the Spirit of AKIC?The first of what could be a neverending whack of ruminations.

What is the Spirit of AKIC?  Right now, I couldn't tell you with any degree of certainty.  But I hope that in writing this entry, the first of a series, I will be able to eventually tell you something.  
What I will do is answer a series of suggestions of what this AKIC spirit could possibly be, or could (not) possibly be filled with.
Here is what I have come up with so far:
Duty?  I do feel a certain duty in each day, making an entry to most of my blogs -- that is AKIC, TKIC, and WCE.  I suppose there is a certain "spirit" and sublimeness in that.

Honor?  Ha ha ha. LOL. LMAO!  ROTFL!  That is laughable.  I sometimes wonder if I should spend more time ensuring what I say is true, understandable, or expressed in a grammatically manner.  I should but I don't.  So I shirk it on the honor question.

Thousands of year of Chinese history?  I wish.  I did at one time publish some Tang Dynasty poems in this blog.  But, how often do I refer to Chinese history?
Nothing?  It could be if you mean by nothing:  the void, oblivion, obscurity, Armageddon, or Seinfeld like wit and hardy-har-har.  I think I found an element of the AKIC spirit.
Spheres?  If electrons are shaped like spheres, then why not?  Electrons are being used in the making of this blog。
The Sublime?  The day, I think I read somewhere, is beautiful.  The dark, I think I read in the same place, is sublime.  There is a darkness in the AKIC spirit.  But I think it is the darkness of having sat in the shade for so long. 
Fraternity?  Hah!  With what?  With whom?  Where?  I am just a man against the world stuck in a dark, musty corner.  I feel fraternal with books and podcasts.  Not with people.  I feel dang uncomfortable when people get too close -- I think then I am acting under false pretences.
Equality?  Of course not.  I am no socialist.  But I do believe in giving the average Tom, Dick, or Harry a chance.  But if they can't make anything of it, there is not much else I can do.
Liberty?  Up to a point.  Liberty entails responsibility.  Liberty doesn't mean license to a libertine.  Liberty does mean questioning, but it means questioning to understand, not questioning to scoff rhetorically.  One who is determined not to be satisfied, will never be satisfied.
Travel?  I am not a traveller.  I am a mover.  I have lived in a lot of places in my life, but really I haven't travelled much.
Misanthropy?  Yes.  But there are figures I admire from a distance.



Hi Andis,

How is going.I just had a look on both your youtubes and blogs. You are a really remarkable man. I mean I appreciate your attitude to life. That could be a persons rarest wealth. not moeny hey.

My name is Gu Yue. You can call me Gomez if u want. I am from Wuxi but now doing my bechelor of accounting in university of Adelaide, Australia. haha. I can definitely understand what u r currently experiencing, living in a foreign country, struggling in language perhaps.

Life sometimes here is just bloody boring. I went to my work in a sushi restaurant after school and finished it about 6 oclock. Having my dinner in a malaysian chinese restaurant and then turn ahead to library. Go back home untill closing coz it is 3 weeks before it life.......

I am just trying hard to get involved but it still does not work so well. Maybe it is just like the nature of difference you will never ever overcome. Culture, colour, language?? I'VE NO IDEA. Do u have the same feeling as well??

Where is my future? I may go back to wuxi when i get my degree or something else. It is mystery.

It seems you pretty much enjoy your life in wuxi?? You got a very pretty wife and cute boy. SO why you choose to live in China?? Don't tell me you love the culture here.haha. During my study, I feel western people or at least Australian are so proud of what they have got. Sometimes people here just too stubborn to make a change on mind. The superiority is so strong. I am totally fed up with that. Come on, it is 2011. Dont ask me r ur family riding bikes everyday. Sorry my mother drives passat not a 1990 mitsubishi.

Yep, That's what i want to share with u. Perhaps just want to find a person to have a talk. It is just so depressed. I have to go to bed-too late.

Here is my Email address:
Looking forward to your replying and listen to your story.


Andis Kaulins said...


Thanks for reading my blog.

I understand your home sickness feeling in Australia. I wouldn't worry about it. If you had never left your hometown, you would feel like you hadn't gone anywhere.

Appreciate the routine. Nothing could be worse than having nothing to do.

I can remember feeling isolated everywhere because I can't really say I ever had a hometown. People who are nice are precious. They are hard to find. Everyone feels lonely in some way.

Look at the future as a wondrous mystery. Sometimes, good things will happen. Sometimes, bad things happen. Either way, it is a test to see you act properly. When one looks back on one's life, one should hope one can say I did the right thing.

I came to China for something to do. I was fortunate to find a pretty wife and we have a cute son. I love them. That is why I stay here. If I didn't have them, I would have moved on.

Anyway. Cheer up. You are very fortunate to be in Australia. Many people would wish they were in your shoes.