Wednesday, May 11, 2011

I got the blue glass!

  • McDonald's has some new burger on its menu -- a double bacon burger with some lettuce and sauce on top.  I bought it, liked it, and even got a small coca-cola glass with it.  I will give the glass to Tony.  It was a blue colour.  Funny, another trainer bought the double bacon burger and got a pink glass.  And of course, he is the butt of many male office jokes.
  • Interesting conversations with some students yesterday about China, where it has gone, and where it is going.  While the students were happy with the progress China has made, they did express worries about the future and whether China can make the changes it needs to advance further.  There is still too much corruption in China, they told me.
  • Two days of Summer heat followed by two days of wet autumn-like weather.
  • From, Manitoba, Canada, my parents tell me that the spring floods this year are particularly high.  They have sent me some photos.  They don't have to worry so much because they are far from the valley with its flood plain that divides their town of Brandon in two.  
  • Things haven't calmed down in the Wuxi China Expatdom: visit here or here to find out what's going on.
  • I did an English Corner about Germany.  The students told me that they find Germans have no sense of humor but admire their engineering precision skills and engineering minds.  One student told me how the first Subway line built in Shanghai, had been designed by Germans and thought strange by the Chinese because it had so many curves in its path.  But it turned out, there was a good reason having the tunnels curve instead of go straight which wasn't appreciated till the second subway line was built.  Curved tunnels facilitate cooling.  I introduced the students to the word "redeem" and "redemption" when talking about the German history. The students all agreed that Germany had redeemed itself -- however, they added that Japan hadn't.
  • Speaking of Japan, here is a very informative article about Japan in the aftermath of the earthquake.
  • I have no more studio photos of Tony to show.  I am now posting more current photos of my son: here and here.

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