Sunday, May 8, 2011

Suspended! Temporarily!

It is the darndest thing to have something you have been working on for four years, disappear all-of-a-sudden.  The funniest thing about it was that it didn't seem such a bad thing at all.
Sunday around noon, I went to my wordpress blog home page and saw that one of my four wordpress blogs (AKIC, TKIC, WCE, and AB) wasn't listed -- the missing blog was AKIC.  Seeing this, I did the usual things like refresh, enter AKIC's url, and try to re-log onto my wordpress account.  I eventually saw messages indicating my account was suspended and that my blog had violated some code of conduct.
I quickly sent a message to wordpress support for an explanation.  A quick response to my message was promised after I entered and sent the provided form.
Before I did get a quick response, all sorts of thoughts went through my mind as to what I had done wrong.  Did my story about Tony pulling his pants down outside the restaurant bathroom violate someone's standards?  Was I in trouble over my Wuxi China Expatdom Blog which is full of absconded images and characters like Gorzo?  Perhaps, it wasn't such a good idea to use two blogging platforms to publish the same material.  Going through the code of conduct, I wandered if I should have written put up statues instead of erect statues in my WCE Mother's Day entry.  I remember once before have a document rejected till I changed a word because it has sexual connotations.
Though my mind raced with things I could have done wrong, I did take the possibility of losing the blog and all the writing I had put into it calmly.  I really did not feel like I was a victim.  I even wondered if the abrupt ending of the blog wasn't such a bad thing -- it is mostly crappy writing anyway.
In the evening, I got an email from wordpress saying my site was flagged by automated anti-spam controls, and that after a review of my site, the suspension notice was removed.  They ended the email with an apology.  Seeing how I don't pay for the service, I have nothing to complain about.

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