Saturday, May 28, 2011

Kim Il Jung is the North Korean Leader! Doh!

  • Kim Il Jung is the current leader of North Korea.  Why the hell did I keep thinking it was Kim Il Sung who has been dead for years?  I will punish myself by cutting and pasting this fact one hundred times.  In the old day, I would have had to write lines.
  • The mistake is causing me to soul search.  I winged out on who the leader of North Korea.  Therefore, I must become a lefty.
  • Saturday Evening, the Wuxi Family Kaulins went to a Korean BBQ Buffet Restaurant in Nanchang Market.  Andis drank a lot of beer because he found the food on offering boring, except for the salad bar which did have thousand islands dressing.  Tony put on his back pack halfway through the meal because he wanted to go.  So, Andis spent half his time chasing Tony about.  Jenny, in the meanwhile, ate.  Tony had his Dad hold him up so they could look out a window.  They saw a canal, some tourist boats, the Hotel Nikkei, and a lot of Villa housing.
  • Bruins and Canucks in the Stanley Cup Final.  A final that pleases in many ways.  For one thing, there are two teams from two serious hockey towns competing for the cup.  Secondly, these are two franchises that would look nice hoisting the Cup -- Vancouver because they are a Canadian team; Boston because they haven't won it since 1972.
  • Poor Tampa Bay didn't make the finals.  Oh well. It is not like they had fans anyway.
  • In fact, it is one of those finals where I couldn't care less who wins.  None of the teams strikes me as being disagreeable in some manner.  There are no teams from Ontario, Arizona, or Florida in the final.
  • Here is a list of shows from a podcast that I have recently discovered and instantly fallen in love with.  I love you Milt Rosenburg!
  • I will say that again.  I love you Milt Rosenburg!I never in a million years would have predicted that I would have put such a thing in my blog.
  • Better to listen to Rosenburg than to podcasts from the Guardian.  I exposed myself to their political broadcast.  Yuck!  Their nuanced analysis of American politics?  Obama good!Bush bad!
  • If the Republicans nominated an old piece of gum sticking to the bottom of a toilet seat in the secondary bus station of Wuxi, China, it would make a better president than the current occupant of the White House.   What's the guy's name?  Osama?  Anyway.  I will offer my assessment of the Republican field in the next bullit.
  • My fantasy 2012 Republican ticket would be Herman Cain and Sarah Palin -- who is the P or the V.P., it matters not.  Michelle Bachman also puts a tingle up my leg.  Mitt Romney has nice hair.  But he is plastic and seems a reed easily swayed by political winds.  Still, he is better than the Democratic Hair guy, the creepy John Edwards who could easily have been vice president.  Newt Gingrich, like John Edwards, has some explaining to do.   He converted to Roman Catholicism which is a plus in my books, so I would expect that he has explained his marital sins to his confessor -- I also hope he confessed his sin of appearing in a commercial with Nancy "stretch" Pelosi.   He is portrayed as an idea guy.  But sometimes he comes out of left field, saying things like free laptops for all students.  I think Gingrich is more a politician than a serious, consistent conservative thinker.  He would be a plug-your-nose-and-vote for candidate if he ever got the politician.  As would be Rudy Guilliani who I have heard is  contemplating another presidential run.  Rudy G was my hope in '08.  Alas, he is so yesterday!  Although, I do remember agreeing with his policy positions.  And his personal life is nothing to sing to the Gods about.  I don't know what to say about Tim Pawlenty.  I have heard he suffers from a Charisma deficit disorder which is a big problem in an age that voted for Obama "because he was cool!"  And then there is some guy named Huntsman.  He sounds very unpromising.

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